Tanjong Pagar

​Zackey / Senior Stylist

福井県出身​ / シンガポール1年目




Zackey has 10 years experienced as a hairstylist in Fukui, Japan and he is specializes in design colouring using bleach powder. He prioritizes on serving enjoyable time with customers, also an interesting person to talk with. Don't miss out!

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TETSUYA / Top Stylist

長野県出身​ / シンガポール2年目




Tetsuya is an experienced stylist with over 8 years of experience at a salon in Nagano, Japan.

With a haircut and scalp treatment from him, you can experience a healing time.

He will provide you a smooth and silky hair style.

Please consult about anything regarding your hair.


TOMO / Technical Director

東京都出身​ / シンガポール3年目



Tomo is an experienced stylist with over 13 years of experience  in Jiyugaoka and Ebisu, Tokyo. Using her high technical ability, she is good at making long-lasting hair styles (especially short and perm style) that can be easily maintained and reproduced even at home.

With a bright and cheerful personality, She will strive to make your salon experience a pleasant one.

AKI​ / Technical Director

東京都稲城市出身​ / シンガポール4年目



Aki has 12 years of professional experience in Shinjuku and Ginza, Tokyo.She specializes in full make-up, rebonding and hair styles that will enhance the face shape of customers of different ages. She is also able to do hair arrangements and make up for bridal events and photoshoots.


Tiong Bahru

SHUYA / Top Stylist

長野県出身​ / シンガポール2年目



Shuya is an experienced stylist with over 11 years of experience at a salon in Nagano, Japan.
He specializes in cutting bob styles and design colouring, and has a lot of experience in it. He is also good at head massage and scalp treatments, customers highly recommend to try it.

ASAKO / Technical Director (Area Manager)

高知県出身​ / シンガポール2年目



Asako has over 10 years of experience working as a hairstylist in home country Omotesando Tokyo and Kanagawa. She specializes in cutting short style and men's hairstyle. She is also professional in colouring design, high-lighting, low-lighting over a variety of different hairstyles.


KOKI / Technical Stylist (Manager)

東京都出身 / シンガポール2年目



Koki is a stylist with 10 years of experience working in the trendy downtown Asakusa areas of Tokyo.
He specializes in short and bob hair styles which flatter the face shape and is easy to maintain at home. He also has an amazing must-try scalp treatment skills.

He will cheer customers up with his kind and warm-hearted personality.

RYU  MARCO / Director (Founder)

兵庫県出身、浦安育ち / シンガポール8年目



Marco has 11 years of professional experience working both in international salons (Tokyo, Canada) as well as in Singapore.

He specialises in refreshing your hair style and creating elegant, yet low-maintenance hair styles which are able to maintain their shape well even as they grow out.