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What is Roméro

Roméro Products are made in Japan, adapted to use in Singapore's tap water and Southeast Asian climate, and that we would like to use.

Roméro means rosemary in Spanish. It is rich in rosemary and other plant-derived oils. Reason for development: Due to high imports and product line reductions caused by Covid-19, the shampoo and treatment products used and sold in salons could no longer be purchased, so we decided to make our own favorite products.

Roméro Hair Careはシンガポールの水道水、東南アジア気候に合わせて作られた日本製品です。ロメロとはスペイン語でローズマリーの意味で、ローズマリーをはじめ植物由来のオイルをたっぷり含んでいます。


Roméro Products
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